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I love playing chamber music and have composed and arranged many string quartets. My works balance out the parts so that every voice gets a chance at the melody (versus many violin with trio accompaniment arrangements out there). Thank you for your interest!

Masochism Tango String Quartet

by Tom Lehrer, arr. by Toby Loftus
Coming soon! Please check back!

The great Tom Lehrer was a staple in my household when I was growing up. Listening to the vinyl albums An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer and That Was the Year That Was, hearing his songs performed on the Dr. Demento Radio Show, or singing and performing from his songbook Too Many Song by Tom Lehrer made an indelible impression on me. I am honored to have his permission sell my string quartet arrangement of his "Masochism Tango" which, as a ballroom dancer I must say stands on its own as a really great tango! Price: 10 USD.

Cardiac Arrest Tango String Quartet

by Toby Loftus

This was my first original composition. The melody and bridge came to me almost effortlessly - if only composition were this easy all the time! You may purchase it from Sheet Music Plus by clicking here.

Nubian Rumba String Quartet

by Toby Loftus

A hypnotic viola riff lays the foundation for a sinuous melody which conjures up scenes of Egypt. You may purchase the sheet music from Sheet Music Plus by clicking here.


I continue to add more works, both original and arrangements. I have several string quartets and at least one string duets. Click here to see all my works available on Sheet Music Plus.